Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blu-Ray Recording & HD are Here and Now

Blu-Ray discs are the accepted and lowest cost media to play back high definition (HD) or HD3D videos and movies. Inkjet Printable Blu-Ray discs are now available for as low as a $1.75 each.  Low Cost players that connect to your HDTV have penetrated about 20 % of the 114 million households in the USA.

And, this does not count the millions (14 million estimated alone in 2010) of consumers who have Playstation 3s (PS3s) that play Blu-Ray discs or, the BD-ROM players that connect to your computer. Sony, it is estimated, will sell 127 million PS3s over the lifetime of the product.

The process to make an HD Blu-Ray disc is now very easy.
First, the video you have created with your HD camcorder will need to be authored.

You can author this video in a number of ways.  Without using a computer you can do professional authoring and recording of a Blu-Ray disc on JVC SR-HD1250 or a JVC SR-HD1500 Blu-Ray Hard Disc Recorder Deck. The internal hard drive of these devices lets you edit the video transferred from a camcorder or other device. It will also allow you to make copies of DVDs or Blu-Ray Discs by temporarily storing them on the hard drive.

If you prefer, you can connect your camcorder to a PC and use one of many software packages that are currently on the market to author and or edit your HD Video before burning your original Blu-Ray HD disc HD3D disc. CyberLink's PowerProducer, Pinnacle Systems “Pinnacle Studio”, Neros Multimedia Suite 10, Roxio’s “DVDit Pro”, Adobe’s “Encore”, Corel’s “Movie Factory” and Toast for the MAC are some of the packages currently available. Sony “Blu-print 6” is professional authoring software for both 2D and 3D.

After making your mastered and authored Blu-Ray Disc, you may want to make copies. 
The process to duplicate Blu-Ray Discs (BDs) is the same as, for CDs or DVDs, but requires Duplicators that have Blu-Ray recorders (which also duplicate DVDs and CDs).
Some of the popular equipment Noble House CD markets for this is briefly described below:

 Standalone Tower Duplicators that range from one to 100s of recorders (see the SharkBlu Duplicators with 12x Pioneer Blu-Ray Recorders and Microboards CopyWriter Blu-Ray)

Automatic Duplicator Printer combos:
G3 50 Disc Publisher, 1 Blu-Ray Recorder & Printer combo
Microboards MX-2 100 Disc Publisher, 2 Recorder & 4 individual color Printer combo
NS2100 Web Browser based 150 Disc Network or Standalone Duplicator and Printer combo.

Automatic Standalone Duplicators with multiple Blu-Ray Recorders
Hera Auto Duplicators are very cost effective & robust and come as:
      Hera3BD  3 Blu-Ray Recorders 330 Disc,
      Hera6BD  6 Blu-Ray Recorders 630 Disc,  
      Hera9BD  9 Blu-Ray Recorders 900 Disc. 

Professional Disc Printers: 
“PF-PRO” 100 Disc Printer, 4 separate ink cartridges, estimated at 1000 discs per set. The PF-PRO printer has been the most successful inkjet printer Noble House has ever sold.
Epson DiscProducer PP-100AP automatic 100 disc 6-color printer with 6 separate ink cartridges.
TEAC P55C Thermal Film Color transfer photo printer with a 220 or 550 Disc Autoloader.